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Want to Lower Costs? Use this Tool with Lean approach

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Are you a Lean Consultant, a Lean Manager or simply want to reduce costs in your organization communication processes? Try SaidText!

You can measure time in requests/communications between your operators and have a report, simple as that. Oh, and also have a history of what has been requested for filter/search.

Useful isn't it?

How do you get data? Make your operators use SaidText to make requests and you will get all messages into tickets

Not everything clear? Just speak with us, we are here to help clarify any doubt. Signup and ask for support or send a message to

Want a very quick 5-steps how to to learn how to get the best from it in 5 min? Here it is!

Have a question? We are here for you, just drop a message to

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