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All you need to speed up your business

A FREE tool designed to increase your lean operations

Improve your time management up to 80%

Ever wanted to speed up your workflow and do more in less time?

Now you can!

Prova il più innovativo prodotto per ricambisti nel settore auto

A mobile app for your clients  requests

Clients can send requests to your business in a matter of seconds.

A simple Dashboard to manage all the requests

Your Team can easily manage all the requests and their progresses, all at once, while speeding up processing times, as well as delivery.

Manage every single request on a dedicated chat

You can keep your conversations in a dedicated chat speeding up the process, saving time and improving the service you offer to your clients!

Any question about SaidText? Fill the form and we will reply asap!

Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

How it works
Success Stories
From the BLOG

״We are very happy with SaidText!

Thanks to it, we cut employees unproductive time by 80%״

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