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How to Improve Your Customer Experience 101

"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages." Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motors

Ford knew how to play the game even back then. Even though many business blogs, books and influencers are starting to talk about customer-centricity recently, it has always been the key to success. The ones who broke the code early on got the chance to get the trophy of loyal customers, and for those who didn't or are just starting their business, it's time to shift your focus. Concentrate on the people who are paying you. They are the reason your company exists. Therefore you should ensure that they are satisfied to the maximum while interacting and even after interacting with your business. You can start with some simple changes and innovations' integration into your business, which will help test what works and what doesn't in your case and not waste your budget. The following three recommendations can help you to achieve it.


One of the best values which you can offer people today is saving their time. Everyone understands the importance of the limited time we are given and want to manage all the tasks and desires to be completed. This is a pain point on which the business can win by offering appropriate solutions to their customers. It will give a competitive edge to the organization and, at the same time, speed up daily operations for the team as well.

Implementing task management tools, such as SaidText, can be very helpful in acquiring the competitive advantage of being fast in today's world. What can such tools do? Well, many things, but most importantly, save your time. For example, in the case of the SaidText, it offers a variety of services starting from the option to convert audio to text from your client's voice message requests up to organizing the requests based on their urgency level, collecting all the information in one dashboard etc. At first sight, those offers might seem pretty simple, but as we all know, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" (Leonardo Da Vinci).

Special Mobile App

When was the last time you got your snickers from an offline store? I am sure it was a while ago, and even if not, a considerable part of your collection is definitely a result of online shopping. Paying the bills, ordering food and taxi, making business deals, meeting new people and all of that just with our phones. Many marketing campaigns have overused the phrase "just with one click", as businesses understand that the convenience of doing everything from your phone in a few seconds is super important. Therefore, another competitive advantage of yours can become a mobile application. SaidText provides a mobile app for your customers to quickly send their requests. This way, they become closer to you and can give you feedback or ask for help with an application. The requests will be shown on the dashboard. Each request will have a dedicated chat to keep the discussions and all necessary information. The app is a part of your task management tools which helps everything to be organized and convenient both for the clients and your employees.

Audio Requests

This part is a logical continuation of the first two points. SaidText offers the opportunity to instantly convert audio to text from your customers' voice requests. It serves as an online transcriber for your business, which will make all the audio into text in just a few seconds and attach the transcribed version of the message to the appropriate request.

Voice messages are a thing today, and many people turn to that option, especially if they have something long to say. It saves time for your clients and eliminates the burden which may hold them back from communicating. Also, this option allows you to save on your customer support department by automating the process of transcribing. It saves time for your employees as well, and now the time they spent writing down every single word from the voice messages can be spent more logically and bring more value to the business and customers.

SaidText is a great opportunity for your business to speed up its workflow, give it a competitive edge and many more. You can check out our other articles to find more tips for developing your customer support game and learning about other business benefits; following the link, you can sign up in order to request a demo version for your company.

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