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How to Improve Your Customer Service with this Simple Task Management Tool?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Ever wondered why companies like Amazon, Apple, or other titans of the business world have succeeded this far by never falling out of the competition? Well, timing, technologies, and employees might be the bases for success, but what matters the most, especially in today’s world, is being a customer-centric company. Nowadays, customers have too much power, often dictating how the business should be done. To ensure your constant high level of sales and loyal customer retention, you have to always listen to your customers, as in the end, they are the ones paying you. Various management tools are implemented to ensure a high level of customer support.

However, those top project management tools do not ensure the maximum possible satisfaction of customers. The good news is, there is a one out of this task management tool, which helps to minimize human errors, reduce delays and save time and money for the company by using automatic audio to text transcription.

This task management tool is called SaidText. It is basically a task manager online, which helps to organize all your customer requests by using an AI. The latter categorizes the requests automatically based on their urgency levels. It can help to replace various expensive and time-consuming workflow management tools. The solution can also help you to get rid of constant searches like “voice to text google” for finding audio to text converters. This management tool, with audio to text converter, helps to receive voice messages and requests from your customers and turn audio to text.

The speech recognition add-on will add the following benefits for increasing customer satisfaction levels: first, it will reduce human errors and possible delays for the requests, and second, it will save financial and other resources integrated into the customer support systems.

The solution integrates automated processes by using AI-based systems, which decreases the possibility of errors when sorting customer requests. It sorts them by identifying the most urgent ones and placing them on higher priority rankings in order for your employees to resolve them first. This can help to immediately respond to your customer request and avoid delays which often are very frustrating for them. It is the best task management tool when it comes to reducing human errors and dealing with the difficulties that occur from accidental ignorance of the most urgent requests by your customers.

Additionally, this tasks app helps to save on your manpower by giving you the opportunity to integrate more automated processes into any kind of your system for saving costs and time. First of all, people can directly send voice messages to your customer support via an application. The system will perform as a transcriber and turn audio to text transcription. A dashboard used by your employees will showcase both the audio version and the speech to text transcription. This will help to skip the step of manually turning the voice to text transcription and reduce the number of people responsible for being online transcriber. Can you imagine the amount of time that was going to be spent on turning voice to text and then just figuring out which requests to respond to first?

Those are just a couple of benefits that SaidText can bring to your company by using voice to text converters and implementing AI technologies. It is definitely one of the best workflow management tools in the market, the demo version of which you can get just in a few seconds by filling out some basic information.

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