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Level up Your Customer Support’s Performance in 3 Steps

The employees who interact with your customers the most and directly are your customer support advocates. As it is not a secret that customer satisfaction is a high priority for every business that wants to stay competitive and relevant in the market, the touch-point where your customers verbally and directly interact with you should be carefully developed and constantly improved. Besides all the training and lessons dedicated to teaching your customer support representatives in order for them to be ready to interact the right way with clients, there are certain steps that you can take in order to improve the performance of your customer support team.

Centralize the System

With the help of various task management tools, many managers can cut down the time needed for performing certain tasks, improve the communication process between employees and even save costs. SaidText is one such tool that can help to save a lot of time for your team, cut your customer support department’s costs and make their work more centralized. How? SaidText combines all the necessary information in one dashboard from which your advocates can manage all the requests. For each request, there is a dedicated chat where the files attached and discussions held can help keep track of the progress made with the issue. By implementing this task management tool in your everyday work, you will notice how much it helps to avoid headaches related to basic organizational stuff. Simply the dashboard will do it all.

Live Chat

If you have already checked our previous articles (if we don't hurry up, we share a lot of helpful tips and tricks), you might have noticed that we value the ability to have a direct and quick communication channel with our customers. This not only saves your and your customer's time, increases productivity and helps to increase customer engagement but also will improve the performance of your customer support team. It is as simple as it seems. Yes, by implementing a live chat in your practice, you can improve the work of your customer support advocates. SaidText provides the option of having a dedicated chat and organizing your requests based on their urgency. Keep reading to find out what other automation SaidText can provide for you to improve your performance.

What Else?

One of the most amazing and helpful features which SaidText provides is the voice to text transcribing. How it works is very simple. Your customer sends a voice message to you about their concern, suggestion or simple feedback. SaidText automatically transcribes the message. As a result, you get the voice request and the transcribed text attached to it in a manner of seconds. Saved time on transcribing, saved cost on hiring someone to do the job! This simple but sophisticated tool will help your customers be closer to you and, at the same time, your customer support advocates to do more value-adding jobs without wasting time on technical stuff.

As we already talked about above, SaidText will also automate the requests' organizational process. When new requests arrive, it places them based on their urgency level. This way, the advocates can immediately recognize the most urgent ones and answer in a manner of seconds.

So what should you do now? If you want to find long answers, check out our other articles as well; if short, follow the link to request a demo version of SaidText and start improving your customer support's performance now.

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