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Why Customer Engagement Is Important and What You Can Do to Improve It?

If you think that acquiring new customers is the biggest challenge for your Marketing and Sales team, we have to surprise you because it's not. Your team's most complicated challenge is retaining those customers and keeping them constantly engaged. The reason why it is such a difficult task is that today we live in such a globalized world where not you compete not only within the limited area in which you operate but also worldwide. Now your customer can, besides just choosing between your and 5 other clothing stores to get a T-shirt, choose from a variety of millions of stores and brands available online. This, of course, concerns not only the clothing industry or physical products. The same problem exists for services as well. We are so exposed to a massive amount of information and options that it becomes harder to get our attention and keep us loyal.

If we look again at clothing example, in the past, if you were buying a pair of sneakers from the offline stores available in your city and they increased their prices, or the service was not that good, you still did not have an option. Nowadays, a slight inconvenience, being less eco-friendly, not supporting minorities or famous activist movements, can become a reason for us to leave the brand and immediately substitute them. Therefore, we, as customers, are in a better position with more power in business decision-making processes. This creates the urge to constantly stay competitive by implementing new strategies, technologies, and innovations. We have prepared some of those which you can include in your strategy planning next time in order to keep your customers engaged for a longer time.

Personalize Your Customer’s Experience Strategy

People like feeling special and receiving special treatment on every occasion possible. As a business owner, manager, or anyone responsible for the decision-making process related to your customers, you should keep in mind that every single step should be forward to making your customer even happier and more loyal to you. Make them feel special, heard, and valued whenever you have the chance to do so. One of the most optimal ways to do so is to analyze the communication touchpoints with your customers and work on each of them in every detail to make sure that they will feel valued and special at every step.

For example, suppose your company does email marketing. In that case, there are small details that can make people think that it's not just an email sent to millions of other customers. Still, it was meant for them, and a very special person representing the company reached out to them to inform them. Many companies implement such a strategy, for example, by sending emails with the name of the CEO or other senior representative of the company, mentioning the name of the customer directly, etc. So whenever you see the email, it might seem that the CEO of X company is writing to you and offering a special product and service which can satisfy your needs the best.

Of course, no one has time to sit down and send a bunch of emails with unique texts one by one; therefore, various task management tools and automated processes can be implemented to cut off the time. For example, SaidText can become a best friend of your business as a customer engagement tool. It automates many jobs done by your customer support team and helps to stay more organized when it comes to customer requests.

Being Responsive Is the Key!

We all know how valuable time is for each of us. It is the most expensive asset we have, and spending it on unnecessary things or having to wait for a while can be really disturbing. By considering this fact, we should respect each other's time and, when it comes to our customers, also showcase this respect in the most visible ways possible. How? In a very simple way. Don't let your customer wait. Whenever they interact with you or reach out with requests, answer as soon as possible. This way, you will show them that you respect their time and understand that they are not ready to spend an eternity waiting for you to answer them. In this case, again, technologies come to help you. By implementing various technological innovations, you can actually speed up the work of your customer support advocates by increasing customer engagement accordingly.

SaidText is the ultimate best when it comes to time-saving and increasing responsiveness. It helps to collect all the information related to your customer request in one place and organizes the requests based on their urgency level. After that, your customer support advocates can see the dedicated chats for each request where all necessary information, including media, can be kept. This will help advocates to be more organized and respond faster to the clients' requests.

Tech-Savviness Is Always a Good Idea

Is there even a need to say how important it is for your business to keep up with all technological advancements? You will easily be thrown off from the competition when you ignore technological innovations. It became like an unwritten rule. A vivid and recent example that we have witnessed can be technology titans such as Apple and Nokia. Nokia was one of the top players in the market, covering the largest portion of the mobile industry. However, they failed to innovate enough and Apple, by making innovations one of their core values, easily beat them in the market. Today, Apple has one of the highest brand loyalty rates, if not the highest one, in the world.

Therefore, SaidText will come to help this time as well. SaidText has an inbuilt transcriber which will easily turn the audio into text. The audio-to-text transcription will save time and create more comfort for your clients, which will eventually increase their engagement.

The steps discussed above are just a couple of things which you can do to increase your customer engagement. SaidText is the easiest ultimate tool to use, which can help to solve multiple problems at a time. If you want to request the demo version, please follow the link.

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