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Follow This Simple Steps for Improving Your Workflow

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

An ongoing process follows you whenever you start a business and choose the path to grow and succeed. Any type of business requires dedication and time for constantly moving forward. Many follow the goal of improving their team’s workflow. This can speed up the processes involved, eventually cutting the time for reaching out to your milestones. Although each company and team chooses the most optimal and convenient ways for them or task management tools to achieve the best results, there are specific simple tools and practices which you can implement to improve your workflow.

Use Audio Messages and Automated Transcribers

Hardly anyone can argue that time isn't our most valuable resource today. Everyone evaluates their time pretty expensively, and in the fast-changing face we have today, more and more is desired to be completed in a day. Becoming and staying productive become one of the trendiest behaviors of a modern person. Several quite simple at first sight integrations can be used to save time and increase the team's overall productivity. One of the current tools, which is quite convenient and continues to gain popularity daily, is audio messages. People want to communicate with each other while they are walking, doing sports or driving, and typing is not an option for multitasking. While audio messages are a perfect solution for this.

Additionally, in case the text needed is too long, audio messages can save time. Therefore, people often prefer to send audio messages instead of texting. This can become a good hint for you to improve your overall customer satisfaction level. Providing your customers with the opportunity to interact with you with the help of audio messages can increase engagement rates and collect more insightful feedback for you. Transcribers, in this case, can become a helpful tool for converting audio to text. Various audio-to-text transcription tools save your time and help to automatically turn voice to text messages.

Make All the Necessary Information Accessible for Your Employees

When saving time and increasing your team’s efficiency, it is important to consider the systems and tools with which your employees work. To ensure the smooth operation of businesses, various activities are required. Different departments are included in the same projects or tasks, and many people and data are involved. It is very hard for an average human being to keep track of all this and simultaneously ensure everything is done right. In such situations, technologies come to help. Various synchronizing online tools are used to connect people from different departments. They have all the necessary information logged into the systems without errors and repetition. Therefore, one of how you can assist the workflow process is by implementing tools that will help collect all the information and present it whenever necessary, in the simplest way possible in one place.

As an example, take into consideration your customer support department. Each day your advocates receive various requests from your customers, starting from simple questions which can be answered in a manner second by using templates prepared beforehand up to serious issues which require even video call sessions to solve. In this case, it becomes very complicated to identify the most urgent requests and understand from which one to start. Additionally, this flow of information is handed out through multiple channels and workers and ends up in different places. So, in this case, if you want to improve your workflow, you should use tools such as SaidText, for example, to collect all this information in one place and allow your customer support advocates to answer all the customer requests from one dashboard.

All these simple steps will help to speed up your workflow. However, it is hard to find all of this in one place. The good news is that SaidText combines everything you need to improve your workflow and increase customer engagement. You can access all your customer requests from one place, with them already put in order based on the urgency level, and get transcribed versions of voice requests of your customers. Follow the link to subscribe to receive the opportunity to try the demo version of SaidText.

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