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How to Increase Your Customer Support Advocate's Productivity?

Have you noticed how fast time passes by each day? It seems like we have fewer hours in a day. Therefore everyone tries to be as productive as possible in order to manage to accomplish all the tasks they wish for. Being productive, besides being a popular trend in today’s world, is a cost-saving mechanism for businesses. Many try to cut their costs by increasing the productivity level of their workers from different departments. Due to modern technologies and automation, this has become even easier. Many tools, software, and applications help us to save time and do the same work in a shorter given period. Various task management techniques used by employees give them the opportunity to eliminate boring and time-consuming tasks and instead focus on more value bringing in experiences.

SaidText is one of such task management tools which helps to increase the productivity of your customer support department while saving time and human resources. It helps not only to save time for your employees but also for your customers. Check out the points below to find out how.

A Mobile App for Your Client’s Request

People tend to give a preference for brands which don’t take a lot of their time. They constantly search for ways to cut down the time they spend on daily activities. One of the proofs and most vivid examples of this idea is how many people are switching from offline to the online shopping experience. One of the core reasons is time. They save time by doing it online. Therefore the online retail industry is gaining popularity. SaidText offers a mobile app solution for your clients through which they can interact with you immediately. In a matter of seconds, your customers can send you a message, to which you can answer in just a few steps.

A dedicated chat for managing each request is provided. Moreover, all of the requests are put in one dashboard, which makes it even easier and faster to find and answer them. The solution can be applied to any kind of institution, starting from medical organizations up to store warehouses etc. It helps to manage your business requests more effectively.

Audio to Text Converter

One of the key features which SaidText offers is the availability of an in-built transcriber. This means that each time a customer sends you a business request via voice message, SaidText turns it into a text and pins the text along with the audio message on a dashboard. This function helps to save time for your clients, as instead of typing for minutes the message which they want to send you and then checking for the grammar and fixing any errors, they can just simply record a voice message and send it.

On the other hand, your customer support representatives won’t spend time transcribing the audio message as they will immediately get the text version as well. This can encourage customers to be more engaged with you, which is an additional benefit for your business and community building around the brand. The latter is one of the most valuable assets and a competitive advantage that businesses try to get.

Answer the Most Urgent Requests First

One of the challenges that many customer support representatives face is answering the requests on time without ignoring a customer for a long time. In the flow of requests, it is easy to get lost and miss some important business inquiries. SaidText solves this problem too. Implementing AI technologies helps to categorize requests based on their urgency levels and sort them out accordingly on the dashboard. You can see the new requests, find the ones in progress, have a follow-up section and keep track of those which are already completed. This will save time for the management process and ensure that no customer is left without a response.

In order to learn more about the benefits of the SaidText, you can visit the link to explore more about the solution or request a demo version after signing up.

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