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Hurry Up if Your Business Doesn’t Have a Live Chat for the Website and This Is Why!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Ever wondered what your customers value the most about your website and what can make them come back? Well, we have an answer for you: a live chat. 44% of people value live chats the most regarding the website experience. This often becomes the reason why people make a purchase or come back to your business again and again by becoming loyal customers. The absence of live chat support on the website during a purchasing session has been proved to hold back people from buying something. Many leave the website in the middle of their purchase just because they couldn’t get the necessary support and guidance at the moment. On the other hand, when the website has live chat support, it not only helps your customer at the moment and makes them feel not lonely but also encourages them to trust the brand and make a purchase. The competitive advantages and overall business benefits that such, at first sight, seemingly small tools can bring to your company are immaculate.

1. Live Chats Improve Your Customer Engagement

Various task management tools are implemented to interact with clients more effectively and build the best possible communication channels with them. Live chats proved the best tool for keeping your customers engaged and satisfied. One of the many benefits is that live chat support can be available 24/7, benefiting the customers and bringing a substantial competitive advantage to your business. This will allow you to cover the global market by considering different time zones and serving customers from other continents. People can rely on you and visit your website any time they want, as they already know someone is ready to help them anytime and anywhere possible.

Another way live chats help improve your customer engagement is the decreased response time for your customer requests. Customers can immediately get answers to their questions without wasting much time on phone calls or waiting for days until someone finds their email from thousands of incoming messages and will respond. Most importantly, via the live chat option, people can feel that there is someone ready to help and support them, which makes them feel connected and raises more trust in the brand, resulting in the gain of another loyal customer.

2. Decrease Your Costs for Customer Support Department

One of the many benefits which live chat support can bring to your business is the deduction of customer support departments' costs. One of the main objectives of any business is to cut costs as much as possible, and such simple features as live chat can help you do that. One way the live chat can save you money is that when your business starts to hold the communication process with your customers via live chats, the workers' productivity or the number of agents required for keeping in touch with your customers decreases. If you have a well-trained agent, they can manage to hold conversations simultaneously with multiple customers and, in a given amount of time, serve more people than before. This occurs for several reasons.

First, it is physically impossible to talk to more than one customer during phone calls. At the same time, during live chats, the agent can manage to chat with several people while the latter takes time to respond. Second, when people interact by chat, a lot of time is saved on formal greetings, thank yous etc. People straightforwardly ask questions that concern them and immediately get the answer. Finally, as many questions concerning customers can be anticipated, some templates can be prepared beforehand, and the time taken to answer them will be reduced even more.

3. Guess You Don’t Mind Making More Money

Many businesses have already gone through the journey where they discovered that they could make more money simply by adding a live chat feature on the website. The experience has shown that when there is live support during the purchasing process, people are more likely to purchase and not leave the website in the middle of the session. Any customer is willing to make a purchase won’t be lost because of a lack of information or customer support. Often, live chat agents serve as guides for people and suggest additional products for consideration for purchase. This additionally increases the sales. It is recommended to always have at least one agent available to answer customers’ questions at any time during the day, as many people can make the purchase late at night, early in the morning, or simply be from another time zone.

Studies reveal that around 40% of customers purchase because of a live chat opportunity on a particular website, meaning that live chatting increases customer conversion rates. The satisfaction level provided by your customer support advocates for clients, in the long run, can become considerably beneficial. Satisfied customers will return to you after some time, increasing the number of loyal customers the business has. All these factors add up to each other and ensure higher sales and consequently more revenue. Therefore, live chats are a good opportunity for growing your business.

As we already found out, live chats can be very helpful for bringing your business to another level and stepping into the list of most competitive companies.

Several things to keep in mind if you want to play this game successfully:

● Make sure to train your live chat advocates properly.

● Always make your customers’ voices heard.

● Always offer at least one available agent for your customers 24/7.

● Attract your customers to be engaged in live chatting when they visit your website.

● In the ned don’t forget to check the performance of your agents and reflect on their results accordingly( rewards them for an excellent job or offer additional training if they had some difficulties).

Voice-to-text converters can also be very helpful when conversing with your customers. For many people sending voice messages might be more convenient than typing, so audio-to-text transcription is required to manage the work. Instead of having multiple people translate voice to text, you can simply implement SaidText technologies, which will automatically play the role of the audio-to-text converter and provide you with both the audio message and text written with the help of a transcriptor. A good bonus, the requests will be automatically ordered based on their urgency level.

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